April 22, 2024

Why Families Opt to Move When School’s Out and How Self Storage Makes It Easier

Moving can be a total headache, right? Especially if you’re trying to juggle it with the school year wrapping up. However, lots of families choose to pack up and move during the summer. This blog post is all about why that’s a popular choice and how to make the move a bit less stressful. Plus, we’ll chat about how self storage can seriously come in handy during the move.

One big reason families prefer moving when school’s out is it’s so much easier on the kids. Moving over summer break gives them a chance to get used to your new place before diving into a new school year. It helps cut down on the stress and worry of starting at a new school in the middle of everything else.

Another perk of moving during summer is the weather – it’s usually nicer, and the days are longer, making the moving process a tad smoother. Also, it’s often easier for parents to take some time off work during these months, giving them a bit of breathing room to get everything sorted.

If you’re planning a move at the end of the school year, getting a jump start on planning is key. Make a moving checklist with everything from decluttering and packing to hiring movers (if you’re going that route) and telling the schools you’re moving. Breaking it down into smaller tasks makes it less overwhelming and ensures you don’t miss anything.

Here’s where self storage comes into play and can be a game-changer. Renting a self storage unit gives you a spot to stash things you don’t need right away, which can really help keep the chaos in check. It means you can start packing up the non-essentials early and not have your new place overflowing with boxes from day one.

Self storage is also a lifesaver if there’s a bit of a lag time between moving out of your old place and into the new one. You can keep your stuff in the unit until you’re ready to move it into your new home, avoiding a lot of stress and mess during an already busy time.

So yeah, moving when the school year ends has its upsides, but it does take some smart planning and organizing. Starting early, making the most of self storage, and keeping these tips in mind can help make your move way smoother. Plus, remember that self storage isn’t just convenient – it can be a huge help, giving you that extra bit of space you need during the move. Here’s to a happy moving experience!

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